Virtual Central Office


At Open Networking Summit Europe, Oct 25-27 2018 in Amsterdam, a team made up of 30 volunteers from 15 organizations from the LF Networking project communities unveiled the Virtual Central Office 2.0 proof of concept in a live keynote demonstration. The demo was the next evolution of the Virtual Central Office Demo 1.0 shown in Beijing during the 2017 OPNFV Summit that highlighted residential and enterprise services — this time highlighting the ability to deliver mobile services based on 5G network infrastructure. The demo was then shown again the following week at the Open Compute Project Regional Summit, Oct 1-2, also in Amsterdam.

For this proof of concept, the demo team connected a virtual central office lab in the Bay Area to a virtual branch office PBX on the keynote stage in Amsterdam. The Bay area lab contained a mobile radio and with two mobile devices in a faraday cage, and through an app, the demo team on stage in Amsterdam was able to initiate a live mobile phone using a virtualized CU/DU split and call from the lab to another a mobile device on stage. The network itself represents a 5G-ready virtual network comprising a combination of open source and proprietary components designed to meet network operator requirements for edge and 5G networks.

In the demo topology you can see the two Android phones in a Faraday cage along with a software defined radio. Two bare-metal nodes, the RU and DU were provisioned by OpenStack along with the rest of the OpenStack infrastructure hosting a wide variety of virtual machines. In the middle is a session director re-routing traffic from different phones to different sides of the infrastructure. One side is to the virtual branch office on stage in Amsterdam. The data from the demo comes from the internet, over through the packet core, into one of the phones, and out through the other phone, back to the branch office for the live call, in this case a stream of music “Islands in the stream.”

The demo is a collaboration among five open source communities: OPNFV, OpenDaylight, OpenAirInterface, OpenStack, and the Open Compute Project. This is an open project and welcome others to join us. Start by joining the OPNFV VCO Demo Mailing List. Check back soon for more information as it relates to the demo.