OPNFV Euphrates: Integrating Containers with the Next-generation Networking Stack

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Current Release: Euphrates 5.1

OPNFV Euphrates, the 5th release of the open source NFV integration, deployment and testing project, represents a step forward in functionality, interoperability and performance to help operators with their NFV transformation. Euphrates provides a platform of pre-tested, tuned, and interoperable open source NFV components that enables multiple use cases such as VNF on-boarding, network service testing, NFVI/VIM validation, MANO qualification, test automation and creation of DevOps methodologies and operational best practices.

Specifically, Euphrates delivers Kubernetes integration, cross-community continuous integration (XCI) and new carrier-grade features such as increased visibility into complex virtualized networks. Also included are new test projects and numerous other improvements in testing, service assurance, MANO integration, performance, and security.


The following diagram shows an architectural view of Euphrates. The left side of the diagram highlights upstream components in Euphrates along with the community lab infrastructure, where users can test the platform in different environments and on different hardware. The right side of the diagram shows representative capabilities in the areas of integration, testing, and adding new features to services and applications.


Key Features:

Key enhancements available in OPNFV Euphrates include:

  • Containerized VNFs, still in early stages, promise to significantly improve performance and density, directly contributing to a capital expenditure reduction. Euphrates introduces a major architectural enhancement with the integration of Kubernetes as an alternative virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM) layer to OpenStack in the OPNFV stack. The release integrates Kubernetes with SDN controllers and the data plane including basic functional and performance testing capabilities.
  • A containerized version of OpenStack is also integrated in Euphrates to simplify OpenStack lifecycle management operations such as upgrades.
  • Euphrates integrates the OVN network virtualization project along with the most recent versions of OpenStack,
    OpenDaylight (ODL)
    , and OpenContrail. The integration team also introduced a new capability called cross community continuous integration (XCI) where, instead of waiting for an official stable release, the OPNFV CI pipeline integrates the latest upstream code from OpenStack, ODL and
    . This reduces the time it takes to get feedback on a new feature or bug-fix from months to days, greatly increasing the pace of innovation.
  • An initial integration with the OpenBaton project to provide MANO capabilities around NFV on-boarding and basic application management is also provided in this release.
  • Euphrates includes new carrier-grade features. With the integration of a new project, Calipso, operators can now gain visibility into their complex virtual networks. When combined with enhancements in Barometer and Doctor projects, users have access to a powerful service assurance framework. Euphrates also includes performance improvements on the ARM architecture and in L3 performance with FD.io. Moreover, Euphrates has new security, SFC, FD.io and EVPN features.
  • The OPNFV integration and testing effort has made significant progress in providing an extensive set of tools to test the NFVI/VIM layer (i.e. NFV cloud), VNFs and complete network services. In Euphrates, two new projects have been introduced. First, the Sample VNF project provides open source approximations for three VNFs to create realistic performance loading the NFVI/VIM layer. Next the NFVbench project provides an end-to-end dataplane benchmarking framework. Additionally, the Yardstick project can now test end-to-end network services including stress testing via Bottlenecks, Kubernetes scenarios, and includes a new GUI. QTIP, Storperf, VSPerf and Functest projects have all continued to evolve with new features, capabilities, and test cases as well.

The next OPNFV release, Fraser, is targeted for April, 2018.