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OPNFV Turns 5

By September 30, 2019Blog

Happy Fifth Birthday to the project, the community, and to the industry’s open source NFV journey! The past five years have been a time of growth, challenges, learned wisdom, friends made, debates engaged, code written, and tests run. Along the way, our entire ecosystem has increased their knowledge of CI/CD, automation, OpenStack, k8s, and open source compliance and verification, just to name a little of what we’ve accomplished.  We’ve learned about our sister open source projects, built relationships with standards organizations, and come together as a community. It has been the most extraordinary experience of my entire career to be a part of this group of people.

And now with the advent of CNTT and the evolution of the OPNFV Verified Program, we see a path to bring even more value to our members and take our work even further. The energy and passion of our most recent CNTT/OPNFV/GSMA meeting was truly palpable. I am so honored to be doing this work with you, and your enthusiasm is what brings me to work every day. Thank you so much to everyone who’s been involved with OPNFV at any point and much gratitude to all the new folks in the project. I look forward to building the network of the future with you.