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A Guide to Understanding OPNFV & NFV

OPNFV & MirantisNetwork functions virtualization or NFV is a once in a generation disruption that will completely transform how networks are built and operated. This mega-trend will affect both telecom operators and technology providers. This revolution will also reverberate across the non-telecom world as it transforms use cases ranging from branch connectivity and 5G use for corporations, smart city networks, fog computing and IOT networks for manufacturers, utilities, connected cars etc.

Open source has revamped how enterprises build IT systems. Now open source promises to do the same for the telecom world. OPNFV is a leading open source NFV project that aims to accelerate the adoption of this technology. Engineering, operations and business leaders in companies around the world are wondering what OPNFV is and how they can use it to their advantage.

Whether you work for a telecom operator or a technology provider, this ebook “Understanding OPNFV: Accelerate NFV Transformation Using OPNFV” will give you a complete overview of the OPNFV project so you can confidently provide direction to your technical team in terms of how to use or get involved with OPNFV.

In this ebook, you will learn:

  • What is NFV? How do I effect NFV transformation in my company?
  • What is OPNFV?
  • What upstream open source projects does OPNFV use?
  • What are the various OPNFV projects related to upstream contributions, integration, deployment and testing?
  • How can my company onboard VNFs onto OPNFV?
  • How can my company use OPNFV to my advantage?

The ebook is meant for engineering, operations and business managers and leaders. It requires a low to medium amount of technical depth and does not include any hands-on sections.

Hard copies of the book are available for sale on Amazon.