As an open source project, participation in OPNFV is open to all, whether you are an employee of a member company or just passionate about network transformation. The best way to evaluate, learn, contribute, and influence the direction of the project is to participate.

End Users

Colorado, the latest release of OPNFV improves underlying platform support for NFV applications and sets the stage for improved application on-boarding and management. We encourage all end users and network operators to download Colorado to your test environment or connect it to our Pharos labs via our CI/CD toolchain. Learn more about the Pharos community labs here.

OPNFV has an active End Users Advisory Group that explores the challenges of deploying NFV in real-world networks and discussing NFV pain points. If you’re a network operator and are interested in joining the group, send an email to:

OPNFV InfographicDevelopers

Start on the OPNFV Wiki and get a sense of the approved OPNFV projects in motion. Next, sign up for OPNFV mailing lists, attend project calls and the regular TSC meetings.

In order to gain access to the developer tools supporting OPNFV, you must first create a Linux Foundation account. Once your registration is complete, visit the tools page where you will find links to all of the developer tools available and check out these OPNFV tutorial videos. You can also find developer resources on the the getting started wiki page and developer onboarding materials here. We hope that you will contribute code, file JIRA tickets, or review other’s work and help us make this a platform that fills the needs of the broader industry.

This blog post from the technical community also provides some great insight on how to get started.

Lastly, OPNFV User Groups are popping up around the world and are a great way to start working with OPNFV. Learn more.


As OPNFV is an open source software project, companies and organizations may join at any time and anyone can participate. Companies and organizations interested in formal membership in the project should submit a request for information here.


Have a question about OPNFV? Please let us know and we’ll get back to you shortly. If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest from OPNFV, we encourage you to subscribe to the OPNFV Newsletter and follow us on social media: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and SlideShare.