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The third OPNFV Summit — and first one held in Beijing, China — was a great success with 561 people in attendance “connecting global community” from the NFV ecosystem. The two-day Design Summit included co-located events with CNCFDPDKFD.ioONAP, OpenDaylight, Open-NFP, and OpenStack. The two-day Summit conference featured 11 keynote presentations and 67 breakout sessions from industry and community leaders. Congratulations to all OPNFV Community Awards nominees and winners — especially the 2017 Annual Award Winner, Jose Lausuch!

Thank you to everyone who joined us to collaborate and advance open source NFV. We would also like to thank our Summit sponsors again for their generous support. To those who missed the event, be sure to view the links below to see what was covered in your areas of interest.

Thank you! 谢谢


All Summit Content

Summit Townhall

2017 Annual Award Winner

  • Jose Lausuch, Ericsson

Runners Up:

  • Tim Rozet, Red Hat
  • Fatih Degirmenci, Ericsson

Super Meetup Organizers

  • Arif Khan, VoerEir
  • Bin Hu, AT&T
  • Liang Gao (Kubi), Huawei
  • Ritch Dusome, CENGN
  • Ryota Mibu, NEC

Saving the Qtip Project

  • Akil Batra, IIIT-Hyderabad
  • Serena Feng, ZTE
  • Taseer Ahmed, NUST
  • Yujun Zhang, ZTE
  • Zhifeng Jiang, ZTE
  • Zhihui Wu, ZTE

Builders of Working Groups

  • Infra Working Group
    • Fatih Degirmenci, Ericsson
    • Jack Morgan, Intel
    • Luke Hinds, Red Hat
    • Uli Kleber, Huawei
  • Testing Working Group
    • Gabriel/Yang Yu, Huawei
    • Jose Lausuch, Ericsson
    • Mark Beirel, DellEMC
    • Morgan Richomme, Orange
    • Trevor Cooper, Intel

Pioneering the MANO (OPEN-O) Integration in Opera

  • Gildas Lanilis, Huawei
  • Harry Huang, Huawei
  • Yingjung Li, Huawei

Unsung Heros for OPNFV Documentation

  • Chris Price, Ericsson
  • Shubham Rathi, IIIT-Hyderabad
  • Sofia Wallin, Ericsson

Danube Release Awards

  • Code Development
    • Carlos Goncalves, NEC
    • Cédric Ollivier, Orange
    • Tianwei Wu, Huawei
  • Community Support/Leadership
    • Fatih Degirmenci, Ericsson
    • Jose Lausuch, Ericsson
    • Prakash Ramchandran, Huawei
    • Tapio Tallgren, Nokia
  • Integration
    • Harry Huang, Huawei
    • Markos Chandras, SUSE
    • Narinder Gupta, Canonical
  • Testing
    • Gabriel Yu, Huawei
    • Jack Chan, Huawei
    • Morgan Richomme, Orange
  • Interns
    • Ashish Kumar, IIIT-Hyderabad
    • Kumar Rishabh, IIIT-Hyderabad
    • Max Breitenfeldt, Freie Universitat-Berlin
    • SVK Rohit, IIIT-Hyderabad