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OPNFV Intern Spotlight: Zahra Jahedi

By December 14, 2016January 17th, 2017Blog

We kicked off our intern program earlier this year and are pleased to welcome our very first OPNFV interns! They work directly with the community and receive hands-on development experience in NFV. Each intern works closely with an active OPNFV developer as their mentor on a project that suited interest and community need. This blog series aims to showcase these interns and the projects they work on, the mentors who are helping with their professional development, and their experience working in an open source community to help  accelerate NFV.

About Zahra Jahedi:

Zahra is a PhD student at System and Computer Engineering Department of Carleton University. She worked as an intern with OPNFV last summer. During her internship she worked on the JOID project. She deployed Juju on top of MAAS. She deployed different VNFs from Juju charm store. She was involved in automating the Juju deployment on top of Openstack. She is now working on her PhD thesis which is about NFV in wireless networks and looking forward to be involved in the open source community.

In Her Own Words

We had a chance to chat with Zahra during LinuxCon earlier this year and caught it on video.  Hear from Zahra directly about how she got started, her work on the Pharos labs to deploy Juju and MAAS, and what it’s like to work in the OPNFV community.

Interested in becoming an OPNFV intern or mentoring an OPNFV intern? Please contact  More details on the OPNFV Internship Program, including specific projects and current intern opportunities, are available on the OPNFV Wiki.