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OPNFV Board of Directors Welcomes new Silver Directors: John Zannos of Canonical and Bob Monkman of ARM

By July 8, 2016January 17th, 2017Blog

We are lucky to have a board of directors who are engaged and committed to helping OPNFV be successful. Our board is comprised of industry leaders whose purpose is to ensure the nascent OPNFV community has the infrastructure and resources it needs to grow and sustain itself. They provide guidance and support on our marketing, financial and governance activities and each of them is committed to our shared mission of advancing a carrier-grade, integrated, open source platform to accelerate the introduction of new NFV products and services.

As interest in OPNFV continues to grow, our membership has as well. Our Silver membership in particular has grown from 24 vendor members at launch to 41 today. Board representation for our Silver members has also grown from one to four, including the two newest Silver directors, Bob Monkman of ARM and John Zannos of Canonical, who were elected by their constituents to provide input on behalf of their Silver colleagues.

“I see OPNFV and the community of developers and other contributors that drive it, to be vitally important the realizing the vision of NFV,” said Bob Monkman, ARM. “The learnings we get from integrating, identifying gaps, considering options etc., in a collaborative team spanning stakeholders across the value chain, will surely accelerate the rate of innovation way beyond what was possible in the old way. The Silver Board Director option is a great way for the Silver membership to be represented in guiding the initiative and I am grateful to have been elected to serve in this role.”

“NFV will change how carriers deliver network services by accelerating innovation and time to revenue,” said John Zannos, vice president, Canonical. “OPNFV has a critical role in accelerating the adoption of NFV by demonstrating it through an open source collaboration of telecom carriers, universities, hardware and software companies. I am appreciative of the opportunity to represent the Silver membership on the OPNFV Board. The OPNFV framework will demonstrate how NFV will help the telecom carriers adopt and thrive in a software based economy.”

To have such great leadership from around the industry is a testament to the commitment for open source NFV as the community works toward delivering its first code base. Welcome aboard!