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NFV Community Comes Together to Collaborate on the Future of the Industry

By August 20, 2015January 18th, 2017Blog

Marc Cohn, OpenDaylight board director and SVP of marketing for ClearPath Networks,  just posted a great summary of the most recent ETSI NFV ISG meeting to SDxCentral, entitled NFV Insider #11: Collaboration (and More Collaboration). Held in close collaboration with OpenDaylight Summit and MEF which were also happening in Silicon Valley that week, key discussion topics included NFV Phase 3 (2016 and beyond), which is “aimed toward establishing an open ecosystem as NFV is deployed.”

Hear more on Marc’s insider perspectives of the evolution and challenges of NFV and how the industry–operators, vendors, open source projects –can capitalize on NFV ISG’s progress. Check out  the full post on SDxCentral or on the ETSI NFV ISG Blog.