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How OPNFV and ETSI NFV are Advancing NFV Adoption

By June 12, 2015November 28th, 2016Blog

ETSI was the birthplace of the NFV concept in 2012, and OPNFV was launched just two years later with many of the same members to help bring NFV from specs to reality using open source methodologies. Marc Cohn, who is an active participant in many open communities including OPNFV, OpenDaylight and the Open Networking Foundation, recently published an article for SDxCentral about how OPNFV and ETSI continue to work in tandem to accelerate NFV adoption.

He says, “OPNFV and ETSI NFV ISG share many common members, providing continuity and collaboration across the NFV specification and implementation activities. Both the ETSI NFV ISG and OPNFV senior leadership teams are aligned on their common mission—to stimulate a vibrant open ecosystem to ultimately drive adoption for NFV. And what we’ve seen is that instead of specifications solely driving implementation, the OPNFV reference platform will help drive the requirements, which in term will drive evolution of the reference platform.”

He goes on to discuss where the two initiatives complement each other and what we can expect to see in the long-term. Read the full article here: ‘WE’ is ‘Us’: How OPNFV and ETSI NFV are collaborating to accelerate NFV adoption.