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OPNFV is Accelerating Open Source NFV Adoption

By Community News

The OPNFV Project, a carrier-grade, integrated, open source platform intended to accelerate the introduction of new products and services using Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), has announced at the OPNFV Summit the results of a global survey conducted by Heavy Reading to understand network operators’ perceptions of OPNFV and how the project accelerates NFV transformation.

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OPNFV issues its fourth release, Danube

By Community News

The OPNFV Project announced the availability of its fourth platform release, OPNFV Danube, representing an evolutionary turning point for OPNFV.

The release, named after Europe’s second-largest river, brings together full next-generation networking stacks in an open, collaborative environment, according to Heather Kirksey, director of OPNFV.

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