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Cross-community collaboration: strengthening ties with OPNFV

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Collaboration is crucial in the land of open source, and with the rapid growth of projects and communities, cross-community activities are more important than ever. As an example of OpenStack’s dedication to cross community collaboration, we are working closely with the OPNFV community to help accelerate the adoption and innovation of Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

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What are the key enablers for the success of commercial NFV deployment? How does OPNFV/Open Source help facilitate that? – Part 1

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Panel Discussion

Depending on whom you talk to there are many enablers for CSP success in NFV deployment – interoperability, orchestration, dev ops, back office agility, the list goes on. This panel discusses what those primary drivers are and the role that Open Source and OPNFV, in particular, can play in helping facilitate them.

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China Is Driving To 5G And IoT Through Global Collaboration

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Telecoms and cloud service providers are gearing up for two of the largest functional changes in decades: The Internet of Things (IoT) which is happening now and 5G which is on the horizon. Both will require substantial investments in capital and operations for today’s networks to be competitive and thrive in this connected future. No single vendor can deliver the full stack, and proprietary technologies will not keep pace with these future needs.

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NFV: Keeping Hope Alive with the OPNFV

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For the most part, NFV has been like a once-in-a-generation draft pick in sports: untapped potential, game-changing abilities and the promise of a bright future. But unlike Bryce Harper or Mike Trout, in reality NFV has been slow to develop and, in baseball parlance, unable to hit the curveball.

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OPNFV is Accelerating Open Source NFV Adoption

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The OPNFV Project, a carrier-grade, integrated, open source platform intended to accelerate the introduction of new products and services using Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), has announced at the OPNFV Summit the results of a global survey conducted by Heavy Reading to understand network operators’ perceptions of OPNFV and how the project accelerates NFV transformation.

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