As OPNFV continues to advance state-of-the-art in open source NFV, overcoming interoperability challenges in the NFV ecosystem has become a top priority. Open source, community-driven initiatives with mechanisms for validating and verifying NFV deployments are now critical to growing the marketplace for NFV products and services.

The OPNFV Verified Program (OVP) demonstrates the readiness and availability of commercial products based on OPNFV as well as expands the market for OPNFV-based infrastructure and the applications designed to run that infrastructure. Verified products and services submitted by respective vendors and service providers become compliant by implementing explicitly defined interfaces, behaviors and key features — while retaining distinct and value-added innovations across features and capabilities.

We’re pleased to announce that the OVP is officially open! Applicants can self-test or utilize the service of third-party testing organizations. The process can take a few weeks so we encourage interested parties to learn more and get started today. Please email with any questions.


Key Benefits of Vendor Participation

Shorten sales cycle and equipment acceptance times by demonstrating compliance to standardized baselines.

Improve the quality of infrastructure products by verifying hardware and software platform interfaces and components in unison.

Reduce test costs by leveraging pre-canned test content that can be incorporated into CI/CD tool-chains.

Key Benefits of Service Provider Participation

Accelerate deployments by ensuring component interoperability and reducing adoption risk.

Reduce time to qualify NFV building blocks through baseline compliance and focus on validating specific features.

Alleviate integration risks when using a blend of open source and commercial products.

Community Development

The OVP evolves the OPNFV developer mantra of Deploy → Test → Iterate to Evaluate → Improve → Iterate by leveraging the testing toolset from the OPNFV Dovetail project. The Dovetail project leverages the prior work from a wide range of community projects, including Openstack Refstack and Tempest; OPNFV Pharos; OPNFV testing projects Functest and Yardstick; OPNFV feature projects HA, IPv6, and SDNVPN; and the entire OPNFV community through their work creating and testing scenarios that produce diverse configurations. The first release of the OVP test suite is being developed based on features and interfaces found in Danube and previous releases.

Test Scope

The OPNFV Verified Program compliance verification test scope:

Validates NFVI and VIM components on hardware of the participant’s choosing, as the system under test.

Covers common cloud capabilities, VIM operations, VNF lifecycle basic functions, NFV-specific functional capabilities, and service high availability.

Implements mandatory and optional test cases divided into test areas that can be batched or run independently.

Provides unified results that can be uploaded to a pubic web portal for community collaboration and review.

The test scope and automation toolset will evolve over time by contributions from the active OPNFV and upstream communities, with crucial requirements and feedback from several of the world’s largest service providers, standardization organizations and other end users.