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The second OPNFV Summit was a great success with 620 people in attendance from the NFV ecosystem. The Design two-day Summit that included events with ARM NFV Ecosystem,, ONOS + CORD, ONF, OPEN-O, and OpenDaylight.

Thank you to everyone who joined us to collaborate and advance open source NFV. We would also like to thank our Summit sponsors for their generous support. To those who missed the event, be sure to view the assets below to see what was covered in your areas of interest.

Scarves up for OPNFV!

OPNFV Summit Recap Video

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Margaret Chiosi

Margaret T. Chiosi Annual Award Winner

Fatih Degirmenci, Ericsson

Runners Up:

Morgan Richomme, Orange

Jose Lausuch, Ericsson

Q1 2016 Quarterly Award Winners

Code Development:

Fatih Degirmenci, Ericsson

Tomi Juvonnen, Nokia

Chris Price, Ericsson

David Blaisonneau, Orange

Jose Lausuch, Ericsson

Director’s Awards

  • The Only Way Is Through: Bryan Sullivan, AT&T; Mark Beierl, EMC
  • Scoring a Successful Inaugural Plugfest:
    • Andy Huang, Huawei
    • Chris Donley, Huawei
    • Daniel Farrell, Red Hat
    • Greg Elkinbard, Mirantis
    • Jack Morgan, Intel
    • Hongbo Tian, Huawei
    • Lincoln Lavoie, UNH
    • Morgan Richomme, Orange
    • Qi Liang, Huawei
    • Tetsuya Nakamura, CableLabs
    • Tim Rozet, Red Hat
  • Super Helpdesk Agents: Dan Radez, Red Hat; Daniel Smith, Ericsson
  • Conducting OPNFV On-boarding Sessions: Frank Brockners, Cisco; Ildiko Vancsa, Ericsson
  • Resisting the Urge to Fork: Brady Johnson, Ericsson
  • On-time Delivery: Weidong Shao, Huawei
  • Master Tester: Al Morton, AT&T
  • Trailblazing Doctor: Ryota Mibu, NEC
  • Cross-Country Running (Armband Team)
    • Alexandru Avadanii, ENEA
    • Bob Monkman, ARM
    • Ciprian Barbu, ENEA
    • Florin Dumitrascu, ENEA
    • Josep Puigdemont, ENEA
    • Mazdak Rajabi Nasab, ENEA
    • Stanislaw Kardach, Cavium
  • A Superhero to Anyone in Need: Ashlee Young, Huawei