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OpenStack is one of the largest open source software projects in the world and provides open source software for creating private and public clouds. OpenStack software controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, managed through a dashboard or via the OpenStack API.

OPNFV and OpenStack help organizations move away from proprietary networking. The combination of OpenStack and OPNFV allows users to tap into the most comprehensive set of NFV capabilities available today and remain on the leading edge of network development and innovation.

OpenStack OPNFV Diagram

Within OPNFV, OpenStack provides the foundation for the NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and Management and Orchestration (MANO) components of the ETSI NFV specification, offering common security, identity services, APIs, policies and user interfaces. OpenStack is also a critical upstream community for OPNFV and the two communities work closely together. Via OPNFV, network operators can submit their NFV requirements “upstream” in the form of blueprints and patches to existing OpenStack projects such as Neutron, Nova, Tacker, Telemetry/Ceilometer, or through new projects in the “big tent”. OPNFV-requested features are continuously incorporated into and become available with the twice-per-year OpenStack release series or individual project releases, depending on the project.

Telecom Demo

The OPNFV Doctor and OpenStack Vitrage teams demoed a joint NFV telecom solution for fault detection, recovery, and root-cause analysis onstage at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona. In one of the most buzzworthy moments of the first day’s keynote, the team demonstrated a live phone call on the cellular network that survived cut cables in the data center—a demo of an outage situation that could drop thousands of calls. With Doctor, network operators using OpenStack can perform such failure notification and recover in 500 milliseconds!

Industry Data

In a recent survey of global telecoms by Heavy Reading, 86% of global telecoms report that OpenStack is either important or essential to their success and NFV, IoT, and 5G are leading use cases. Over 21% of respondents plan to get OpenStack as part of the OPNFV platform. More than 60 percent of telecoms are already using or currently testing new use cases with OpenStack for NFV, citing benefits such as offering new services more quickly, faster data center virtualization, and lower operating and software costs. Listen to the webinar and get the survey slides here.

Community Development

The OpenStack and OPNFV communities work on establishing community engagement practices, identifying cross-community leaders, and managing contributions. In addition, the projects collaborate on communications, documentation, and events and meet regularly to gauge progress.

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