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FD.io (Fast data – Input/Output) pronounded “fido” is a collection of several projects and libraries to amplify the transformation to support flexible, programmable and composable services on a generic hardware platform. FD.io offers the Software Defined Infrastructure developer community a landing site with multiple projects fostering innovations in software-based packet processing towards the creation of high-throughput, low-latency and resource-efficient IO services suitable to many architectures (x86, ARM, and PowerPC) and deployment environments (bare metal, VM, container).

FD.io an important upstream community and key component of the OPNFV platform and together they are creating a new stack which significantly evolves networking for NFV. FD.io projects are aligning to key open source initiatives in support of NFV and SDN such as OPNFV. The Fast Data Stacks (FDS) project within OPNFV calls for an optional virtualized data plane integrated with OpenStack and OpenDaylight.

Vector Packet Processor
FD.io serves as the foundation of the FastDataStacks (FDS) project within OPNFV to create an NFV solution that is flexible and performant. The key ingredient for the FDS is the forwarding infrastructure supplied by FD.io – the Vector Packet Processor (VPP) – which enables high performance, high flexibility, and open flexible innovation.

The latest OPNFV release integrates VPP into existing OPNFV scenarios, with:

  • OpenStack (uses v2 of ML2 ODL driver)
  • OpenDaylight
  • GBP additions & enhancement (GBP Neutron Mapper, VPP Renderer)
  • HoneyComb
  • VPP
  • OPNFV APEX/TripleO Installer integration
  • OPNFV System-level testing
  • HA, more security, Layer 3 with VPP

Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment

The OPNFV Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline is a mechanism to provide a stable framework for deploying and testing new use cases in user labs or across the extensive OPNFV Pharos community labs.

OPNFV CI/CD provides value to the NFV ecosystem with a broad solution integration with a CI/CD methodology. FD.io also has a CI/CD pipeline that plugs its output into the input of OPNF’s pipeline to enable CI/CD across both communities end to end.

FD.io alos leverages DPDK capabilities in support of additional projects including NSH_SFC, Honeycomb, and ONE to accelerate the NFV data planes.

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